Quarter striking Morbier clock
Rare Morbier clock with quarter strikong on two bells. Made around 1830. Clock is in good condition.
L&L Morbier clock
--- sold ---  Nice mini morbier clock from the 2nd half of the 19th century. The dial plate is only 18cm. The clock has three bells and strikes e
Morbier Clock Regulator
--- Sold --- Extremely rare Morbier clock Regulator made around1850.    To view how to wind this clock see the video below.   &nb
Morbier regulator
Very rare Morbier Regulator. This clock includes central second hand, date hand and striking! Diameter of the dial plate is 35cm. Dial plate is signed
Morbier Regulator Electric
 Morbier regulator with electric pull up weight. Dial and weight are signed "Paul Garnier" Mid 19th century clock in very good shape.&n
Morbier clock
Very nice Morbier clock from the late 1800. The clock is in a good condition 
Morbier clock Mayet
Very nice Morbier clock from the early 1700. Signed: P.F. Mayet a Morbier. Clock is in good condition. Movement including alarm function. 
Pendulum Clock +/- 1840
Very rare French pendulum clock. Pendulum and clock are combined. The clock has a dial plate on both sides. This clock used to hang in the window of a
Mini Morbier Clock
 Nice mini morbier clock from the 2nd half of the 19th century. The dial plate is only 18cm.The clock strikes and runs for 8 days. It has excact
Micro Morbier clock
--- sold --- This is the smallest Morbier clock ever made. The size of the movement box is only: 8x8x8cm. Th esize of the enamal dial plate is 8 cm. T
Mini Morbier clock
This is a very rare mini morbier clock that is without striking. Sizes of the clock:  20,5x14x13cm (hxbxd) and a diameterof the brass lunette of
Design morbier clock
Very nice combination of a 150 year old movement from a French Morbier Clock and a modern design of the case. 8 day movement, no striking.
Morbier Clock
Rare Morbier clock from 1870. You have to wind it instead pulling the two weights high. Diameter dial plate 27cm. 
Morbier Clock
--- Sold --- French Morbier Clock, often used in public buildings like a town hall or a train station. Clock is in good condition. Striking every hou
 --- sold ---
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