Tiffany clock
Beautiful clock from Tiffany's. It's an electric clock from around 1910. The dial plate is signed: Tiffany never wind, Buffalo, N.Y. USA. PAT MAR
Bulle clock
Beautiful mahogany Bulle clock  40x23x13 cm.
miniature Bulle clock
Very rare miniature Bulle clock, it's only 14,5 cm high. It's made of several kinds of wood: rosewood, tulipwood, walnutwoord and mahog
Hero advertisement clock
Advertisement clock from Bridge Koffie
Nice advertisement clock from the brand Bridge Koffie. This clock was made somewehere between 1920 and 1949 in Belgium. Diameter:41.
Scottish wisky clock
--- sold --- Nice sixties advertisement clock for the Scottish wisky brand Dewar.  Measurements: 40x18x10 cm
Eureka clock
Beautiful original Eureka clock. Made by the London Eureka Clock Company in 1908. Production number 7201. Video of this Eureka clock
Mini Bulle clock
Green clock with double dial plate
---Sold--- Nice vintage clock with a double dial plate from the fifties. It's from the Japanese brand Citizen.
Electric clock Clairetta
Very nice electric clock made by the German company Clairetta. Made in the thirties of the last century. Clock is in very good condoition. Mahogany ca
Art Deco Bulle clock
Very nice art deco Bulle clock. Made in the twenties of te last century. Clock works fine and is in good condition. Sizes: 32x23x10cm.
Early Bulle clock
This is a very nice early (serial number 4164) electric Bulle clock under a flass dome. Clock is in nice and working condition.
Large Bulle Clock
This is a very large electrical Bulle clock. Sizes are:  45x27x18cm (hxbxd). Very rare. The clock is in very good condition and has recently b
Junghans Ato clock
Beautiful electrical clock from the firm Junghans. The firm ATO is also mengioned on the clock because It was the first company using in the fifties
 --- sold --- 
BrilliƩ train station clock
--- sold --- Very nice antique train station clock made by the French company Brillié in the early 20th century. It is a so called slave clock.
ATO Electric clock
--- sold ---  Bautiful ATO wal clock. Early electric clock in mahogony wooden case. Clock is in very good shape. sizes: hxbxd, 46x23x11cm
 --- sold ---
 --- sold ---
Station Clock double dial plate
Original electric Station clock from the sixties. Sizes: hxbxd 84,5x43,5x15 cm ( 84,5 cm includes contruction to hang the clock on the ceiling)
Gent slaves and other
We always have some slave clocks in stock. Please contact us for more information.
Electrical clock Murday Patent
--- sold --- Very rare 20th century electrical clock . This technique has been made by the Reason Manufacturing Company Ltd. in Brighton. Based o
Vintage commercial clock from the sixties
Dunhill commercial clock from the sixties. Electrical clock and circulair lamp to enlight the clock. Sizes  (hxbxd): 36x26,5x9cm
Electric BrilliƩ clock 1920
This electric clock is in very good condition.You can connect so called "slaves" to this clock. Ever 1/2 minute it gives an electric pulse.