Small lantern clock
Very small lantern clock (height 25cm, diameter dial ring 10cm). This litlle clock has a balance movement and runs for 1 week. In very good condition.
French Lantern clock
Very nice French lantern clock dated around 1800. Fayende dial and 8-day movement including striking. (most lantern clocks have a 1 day movement!). P
Lantern clock Gerrit Storm 1735
Early lantern clock made by the Amsterdam clock maker Gerrit Storm. This is one of his early clocks. He was predominantely famous for his grandfather
French Lantern Clock
Very early lantern clock with hour hand only. Clock dates back to around 1740. This lantern clock runs for 1 week instead 1 day, like most lantern clo
English balance lantern clock
This Englisch lantern clock dates back to 1680 and has a large balance wheel on top to rgulate time. The clock is signed on the dial plate: Willi
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