Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos black marina
 Jaeger LeCoultre black marina Atmos clock with a oriental design. Total weight of 4045 grams. Front panel having aperture to view the pendulu
Very nice Regulator from around 1830. In excellent condition
Desig Clock
This clock consists of a 160 year old morbier turret clock movement. The designer used modern materials to create a grandfather design clock. This clo
Nice Stopwatch from the twenties. Its from the brand Smiths Timer. Hight: 12 cm 
Jaeger LeCoultre Atmos Classique Transparente Moonphase
--- sold --- This is a very exclusive model of the Atmos by Jeager LeCoultre. The clock you will never have to wind up.  This is the Classiq
Schwarzwalder clock bearing man
 Nice clock from the 30s. Height: 36 cm
clock bearing man with moving eyes
 Funny clock with moving eyes from the 50s. Height: 40cm.  
Ball clock
--- sold --- Nice ball clock.  Dial plate is signed:  Pat oct 1883.     
Umbrella clock
Beautiful umbrella clock made in the 50s.  Diameter: 17,5 cm. 
Swedisch Cartel clock
Large Swedisch Cartel clock. Made in the early 20th century. 8-day movement including striking. 
Small Cartel clock
--- sold --- Very nice small French cartel clock made in the second half of the 19th century. Clock is made of guilded bronze. 8 day movement inlcudin
Black Forest clock
--- sold --- 19th century black forest clock. No striking but includes an alarm. Original painting on the dial. Sizes: 14,5x20cm
Turret Clock
Modern clock with antique morbier clock movement
This modern design clock is equiped with a 19th century Morbier clock movement. Size of the dial plate: 20x34cm 
Art Deco clock
French Art Deco clock from the 20-30's. Measures 28cm. Runs for 8 days, no striking. Casing from bakelite. Dials plate is silvered and the lunette is
Gucci travel clock
Very exclusive Gucci travel alarm clock. Made in the shape of a ladies back. Made of leather and  stainless steel. 19x19cm. Including original Gu
Antique Sun dials
We have a nice collection of very old sun dials found in different places in the Netherlands. Please do inform us for more information
Schwarzwalder clock
Very nice schwarzwalder clock with a convex glas before the wooden, painted dial. Very exclusive original weights (wood with lead inside) Diameter
`Viennese picture clock
Early 19th century Viennese picture clock. Enamel dial plate signed:  "Wenzel Schmann in Wien". Sizes: 44 x 55 cm. Diameter dial plate
Swiss wall clock 1810
This is a very rare clock. Absolutely a one of a kind. The case is bur wallnut veneered. The clock has an enamel dial plate and so called Brequet hand
Black Forest Clock
 A nice, small Black Forest Clock, mid 19th century. The lunette is made of (partly carved) wood. The clock strike the hours and half hours and r
Midlle European wall clock
This large sized Austrian wall clock has a lot of extraordinary details: The case is nut tree veneered, has a nice enemal dialplate, beautiful hands,
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