Frisian Stoel clock
18th century Frisian Soel clock. In original condition. Movement is serviced and the clock runs very well.
Dutch staartklok
End of 18th century Dutch staartklok, made in the east part of the Netherlands. The dial plate is signed: Joseph Schooltink Steenderen 1798. Very
Frisian Staart Clock
We always have more Frisian clocks in stock. Do inform us if you are looking for such a clock.  (Shipping all over the world)
Frisian Staart Clock Regulator
Chances are big you have never seen such a clock. THis is a so called Frisian Staart Clock Regulator. At the end of the 19th century, the Frisian Cloc
Maritime Frisian
In Dutch, we call this a "Schippertje". A schippertje is a very small Frisian Staartclock that was used for time keeping a board of the Dutc